Several School Boards that are members of the OeLC offer Ontario Secondary Courses via Summer School eLearning. Many of these Boards make their courses available to Ontario students from outside of their Board, though not all accept students from outside of the Consortium. For information on OeLC Regular or Summer School Membership, please refer to our Membership Options.

Similar to other Summer School programs offered by publicly-funded Ontario School Boards, there is no course fee for Summer School eLearning courses offered by Ontario School Boards that are members of the OeLC. A list of Summer Schools eLearning courses projected to be offered by OeLC Boards in July, 2017, can be found on our Course Listing page. Please note that this list is updated on a regular basis so be sure to check back periodically.

Please note that students are highly encouraged to first determine if a Summer School course is available in their own Board prior to pursuing registration in Summer School eLearning via the OeLC.

To register for a Summer School eLearning course by an OeLC Board, students must contact their Guidance Counsellor. The Guidance Counsellor may first determine if there is option for the student available in their own Board, as well as assess the suitability of the student for eLearning, prior to inquiring further. Inquiries can be made by the Guidance Counsellor, or other school or Board staff member, to their Board`s eRegistrar or DeLC, or to the Coordinator of the OeLC (

Please note that inquiries sent to regarding Summer School eLearning programs offered by OeLC Boards will only receive responses if they originate from a Guidance Counsellor, eRegistrar, DeLC, or other school or Board staff member.