OeLC Adult Education eLearning Options


Are you over 18 and in need of a course that is:

  • NOT available to you in your local Board (via Regular Day School, Adult Day School or Night School, or Continuing Education)?


  • is available, BUT circumstances prohibit your participation?

The Ontario eLearning Consortium, or OeLC, may be able to help…

The OeLC is a consortium of 20 Ontario School Boards that open their eLearning course options to all students in their member Boards, free of cost. As well, many of its member Boards offer eLearning course options to adults… And, some accept adults into their courses from outside of their boundaries. Best of all, there is no course fee.

The courses below are available on a continuous intake basis, commencing 2016-17 Semester 2. Please note that students the deadline for enrollment is 6-weeks prior to the end of the semester.


Grade 11 College ENG3C English
Grade 11 College MBF3C Foundations for College Mathematics
Grade 11 College SBI3C Biology
Grade 11 University/College HRT3M World Religions and Belief Traditions
Grade 11 Workplace ENG3E English
Grade 12 College ENG4C English
Grade 12 College MAP4C Foundations for College Mathematics
Grade 12 Open EBT4O Business and Technological Communication
Grade 12 University ENG4U English
Grade 12 Workplace ENG4E English
Grade 12 Workplace SNC4E Science

To enroll, please contact or visit your nearest Adult Education Centre(s)… Unsure of their location? Check out the websites for the School Boards in your area and search for ‘Adult Education’ and/or ‘Continuing Education’. Or, use the Findhelp website:


Please note that, to enroll, you must not be enrolled as a Full Time student in a publicly-funded day school (unless there are special circumstances and you have permission from the Principal of your school).

The following flyer provides additional information:

Continuous Intake Adult Education Online – Student Flyer

For further information regarding eLearning options for adults via the OeLC, contact:


Please note that inquiries sent to coordinator@oelc.ca will only receive responses if they originate from a Guidance Counsellor, eRegistrar, DeLC, or other school or Board staff member.