May 25, 2018 all-day
  • Deadline for entering the following final exam instructions in the SSeS:
    • How the exam will be provided to the student? (e.g., written in D2L, emailed to the GC for printing and distribution, etc.)
    • If being written in D2L and is password protected, what is the password? (request from GCs as they are having to gather this information for proctors from various sources)
    • Is the exam to be written in the school or may it be taken home? (please note that approved testing centers are also qualified to invigilate exams)
    • Who is a suitable proctor according to your Board’s policy? (please note that some Boards have policies regarding who is qualified within a school to proctor final exams)
    • Time limit for the exam
    • Materials permitted during the exam
    • Instructions for returning the exam
    • Date by which exam must be returned
Deadline for Entering Final Exam Instructions in the SSeS