We are committed to working collaboratively to:

  • demonstrate comprehensive knowledge, experience, and expertise with regard to the policies, procedures, guidelines, and requirements that drive online learning in Ontario schools
  • increase expertise, capacity, and capability among the constituents of our member boards with regard to online learning
  • share information, processes, resources, and tools in an effort to be more efficient and effective in our individual work
  • identify areas for which consistency in online learning approaches, procedures, and policies can be achieved among member Boards and to make focused and concerted efforts toward this end
  • provide seamless and streamlined procedures and tools to Boards for selecting online course offerings, promoting their online programs, registering  and sharing students, communicating with all stakeholders, and reporting on progress and success
  • offer online course options and programs that meet measured demand by Ontario students
  • promote and facilitate the effective use of online learning opportunities in all secondary educational programs offered by our member Boards, including Regular Day School, Alternative Education, Continuing Education, and Adult Education
  • offer meaningful, impacting, and engaging online learning opportunities for Ontario students
  • promote learning experiences and 21st century skills that will prove beneficial as students transition into post-secondary and/or the world of work