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2017 October 12th Evening Pre-Conference Events

  • optional; no additional cost
  • must have signed up and received confirmation to attend 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm events
  • no sign-up required for 9:00 pm Social; Brought to you by D2L and ExploreLearning!
Session Room Event Padlet URL
7:00 – 8:00 pm Caledon An Evening with D2L https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_An_Evening_With_D2L_Caledon
8:00 – 9:00 pm Caledon Open Spaces Networking, Sharing, and Learning https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Open_Spaces_Caledon
9:00 pm Caledon SOCIAL Brought to you by D2L and ExploreLearning!

2017 October 13th Conference

  • Please attend only those sessions for which you registered and received email confirmation as nearly all are filled.
  • Please use the Padlet URL provided below to access documents, links, etc., shared during the session.
Registration (Upper Lobby) 7:30 – 8:30
Breakfast (Upper Lobby) 7:45 – 8:40
Session Room (seats) Workshop Padlet URL


8:45 – 9:40

Caledon (36) Taking Your Online Space To The Next Level https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Caledon
Grenadier (28) Video in the VLE: Will It Blend? (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Grenadier
Haliburton (35) Supporting Students Who Learn Online (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Haliburton
Halton (28) Mathies Digital Tools to Support Thinking in Mathematics (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Halton
Humber (36) What I Wish I Knew During My First Year of eLearning https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Humber
Kingsway (36) Not Your Average Online Discussion https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Kingsway
Oakville (35) Getting Started with Inquiry in eLearning https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Oakville
Conquest (22) Building Your Cadre of New Online Teachers https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_1_Visionary


9:45 – 10:40

Caledon (36) Ready to Write Your Own Course Material? https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Caledon
Grenadier (28) Video in the VLE: Will It Blend? (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Grenadier
Haliburton (35) Supporting Students Who Learn Online (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Haliburton
Halton (28) Mathies Digital Tools to Support Thinking in Mathematics (DOUBLE SESSION) https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Halton
Humber (36) What I Didn’t Know, I Didn’t Know! A Beginner’s Guide to Online Teaching using Brightspace https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Humber
Kingsway (36) Making Relationships a Priority https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Kingsway
Oakville (35) The Art of Questioning https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Oakville
Conquest (22) Cross Curricular Credit Package in D2L https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_2_Visionary
AM BREAK (Upper Lobby)



Caledon (36) Create and Embed Interactive HTML5 Content Using H5P https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Caledon
Grenadier (28) So You’re A New eTeacher, Now What? https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Grenadier
Haliburton (35) Helping Your Reluctant eLearners Finish With Pride https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Haliburton
Halton (28) RCDSB Virtual Learning (vLearning) Project https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Halton
Humber (36) Strategies to Build Community in an eLearning Course https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Humber
Kingsway (36) Using Video In Your eLearning Class https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Kingsway
Oakville (35) Using D2L as a Blended Learning Platform https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Oakville
Conquest (22) IDC 4U: An eLearning Course with In-School Benefits https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_3_Visionary
LUNCH (Upper Lobby)


1:00 – 1:55

Caledon (36) Organize Your Student Tracking Using Sheets https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Caledon
Grenadier (28) STEAM in Secondary Grades? There’s a Gizmo for that! https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Grenadier
Haliburton (35) eLearning Engagement – Do Students and Teachers Agree? https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Haliburton
Halton (28) Building Rapport In The Digital Classroom https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Halton
Humber (36) Combating Academic Dishonesty in the eWorld https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Humber
Kingsway (36) Leveraging the Power of Video https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Kingsway
Oakville (35) Maximizing the Use Of Brightspace Accessibility Features in Your eLearning Program https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Oakville
Conquest (22) New to Teaching Online? We’re here to Help https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_4_Visionary
PM BREAK (Upper Lobby)


2:20 – 3:15

Caledon (36) Rubrics, Assessment Tools and Grade Items, OH MY! https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Caledon
Grenadier (28) Inquiry Teaching Practices and the Effect of Growth Mindset with Gizmos https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Grenadier
Haliburton (35) Zoom: 21st Century Learning Using Video Conferencing https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Haliburton
Halton (28) Creating a Collaborative Classroom Culture https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Halton
Humber (36) Using YouTube Live Streaming in e-Learning and Blended Learning Courses https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Humber
Kingsway (36) Thinking Forward: TELO and eLearning Course Development https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Kingsway
Oakville (35) Using the new Brightspace Portfolio to Support Blended and eLearning Students https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Oakville
Conquest (22) Multimodal Learning https://padlet.com/todd_pottle/1718_Session_5_Visionary