Student Comments on Their eLearning Experiences


This course was a prerequisite for my University program. It was not offered at my school, therefore I had no choice but to take it online. I found it very flexible. Learning at your own pace and finishing homework at your own time was useful. Also the notes are all laid out for you and it’s accessible almost anywhere.” Ottawa Catholic School Board Student

I did not find e-learning too challenging. Sometimes the material was a bit difficult for me to understand alone, but, I was able to get things clarified quickly by the online teacher. If I got really stuck I could ask a teacher in the school to help me.” Ottawa Catholic School Board Student

I took an e-learning course because I had some changes to my career choice / post-secondary studies around midterm first semester of grade 12. I liked e-learning because I could study at my own pace and not be held back or pushed forward with the rest of the class,  I could plan my studying around my in-school courses so I didn’t have multiple assignments due at once, and I could choose to study anytime I want. I’m more focused in the evening so I had the option to study at a time which is better for me.” Ottawa Catholic School Board Student


Parent Comments on The eLearning Experiences of their Children


“I am pleased to report that my daughter is doing great in her Math course and has really enjoyed her e learning teacher, who continued to be super responsive throughout the course… She indicated the online course was much more in depth and time consuming in comparison to in class setting, but noted she found this a lot more helpful in terms of comprehension. The concept of moving unit to unit at her own pace (not skipping over materials or having to move onto a next unit with fully understanding as is usually done in regular classroom setting), helped clarify concepts and also forced a re-learning of areas which had not been covered or mastered in grade 9 or 10 Math. She also indicated as her grade 11 Math knowledge increased, a cascading effect was realized that also supported her grade 11 Chemistry class. She has noted an increase in confidence regarding Math and is looking forward to grade 12 MHF4U e course starting February 1st.” Parent of Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Student