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Please note that inquiries sent to will only receive responses if they originate from a Guidance Counsellor, eRegistrar, DeLC, or other school or Board staff member.

BOARD Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone
ALCDSB Jennifer Wilson 613-544-3361
DSBN Jim Reshke 289-407-5541 (cell)
GEDSB Charleen Clark-Pearce 519-750-4642 (cell)
GECDSB Karen Giorgi
HPEDSB Roger Ramsey 613-966-1170
KPRDSB Melanie Laton 705-742-9773 ext 2191
LDSB Mark Lee 613-544-6925 ext 249
OCDSB Kimberly Webster
RCDSB Alexandra Pick
Sheri Larochelle
SCDSB Alison Smith 705-725-8360 ext 45131
TVDSB Gary Wimmer
UCDSB Connie Boros
Rory Grant
Kevin Gray 1-866-615-1233
UGDSB Steve Wynen 519-836-7280 ext 610