Is there a cost to participate in a Summer School eLearning course offered by member Boards of the OeLC?

No… Exception, however, being rare occasions when students are deemed “Other Pupils” as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Education… Your Guidance Counsellor can assist.

How do I register for Summer School eLearning course offered by member Boards of the OeLC?

You can only register for Summer School eLearning offered by member Boards of the OeLC through your Guidance Counsellor.

Can I take more than one Summer School eLearning course offered by member Boards of the OeLC?

This is an extremely rare occurrence and can only happen under special circumstances and with the approval of your Principal.

When will I know if I have been accepted into a course?

Acceptances are done on May 12, 2018, then again from May 26 until the start of Summer School. An email will be sent to you and your Guidance Counsellor and, if contained in the database, parent email(s).

When do to courses run?

Summer School Course Dates

Do I need to be physically present at any time during the course?

In most instances, if not all instances, no… Your entire course is taken online. However, some Boards and courses require that you participate in a final evaluation (e.g., an exam) at a set time and under the supervision of a proctor. You will be informed of this process either when you are accepted or at the start of the course.

How long am I expected to work on my course each day?

Given that the entire course is being compressed into four weeks, expect to be working on your course an average of between 5 and 6 hours per day.

Can I miss days during my course or alter my start and finish dates?

Again, given that the entire course is being compressed into four weeks, it is extremely unlikely that alterations can be made. Also, missing one day of Summer School eLearning is equivalent to missing 5 days during the regular school year. Absence can be extremely problematic… With this said, it is understood that sometimes unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances, such as illness, arise… In such instances, it is essential to communicate with your teacher and, where possible, collaborate on an appropriate plan of action.

What will I require to complete by course?

You will need a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer and consistently reliable Internet access with moderate to ample bandwidth (particularly important for courses that rely heavily on multi-media learning objects such as audio, video, simulations/manipulatives/interactives, etc.). It may also be beneficial to have a printer, scanner (often a camera is fine), and headphones… In some courses, you may also benefit from having a webcam and mic but your teacher will inform you of this.

When will I receive my course access information and log-in credentials?

Boards typically send out course information and log in credentials during the final week of June (as registrations are still occurring at that time). Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Guidance Counselor at your school or the District eLearning Coordinator at your School Board.