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Welcome to the OeLC

Who We Are

The OeLC (Ontario eLearning Consortium) is a grassroots partnership of Ontario school boards that began 2005. We are comprised of a collective of boards, each of which has entered into mutual agreement to open their eLearning courses to all students throughout member boards without a course fee.

Current Member Boards
Current Number of Member Boards 56
Current Online Learning Stats
Total Number of Classes 5,594
Total Enrollment 129,430
Current Number of Classes (Regular) 4,603
Current Enrollment (Regular) 117,179
Current Number of Classes (Con Ed) 450
Current Enrollment (Con Ed) 7,628
Current Remote Learning Stats
Current Number of Classes (Remote) 0
Current Enrollment (Remote) 0
What We're All About

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What We Do

Currently, the Consortium supports 55 member boards (28 Public and 27 Catholic) representing students who reside in both metropolitan and rural areas throughout Ontario.

With the support of an Executive Director, Technical Director, Program Coordinator, Technical Support & Program Facilitator, and the Executive Committee (selected from amongst its member Boards), the OeLC works together to:

Important Dates
Members Online System

The OeLC shares a registration / communication / tracking / reporting system, known as PRISM, to which all member boards and their respective staff involved in eLearning programming (e.g., administrators, managers, coordinators, and teachers) and student registration (e.g., registrars and guidance counsellors) have access.

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