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Sharing for Success

Membership Benefits


Student Programming Benefits

  • Increased course options for students, offered through both in-Board and Out-of-Board online learning programs
  • Increased ability to align student course sections with their specific pathway, destination, and post-secondary and/or career planning

Student Success Benefits

  • Potential increase in credit completion

Student Learning Benefits

  • Acquisition of 21st Century skills
  • Experience and skills associated with online learning and Learning Management Systems that will better prepare them for success in post-secondary and/or the world of work

Staff Benefits

  • Professional development
  • Supports for teachers, consultants, coordinators, administrators, and administrative assistants
  • Sharing of best practices, resources, and tools
  • Networking and collaboration with individuals in similar portfolios throughout member Boards
  • Access to some of the most innovative online learning practitioners in the Province

Operational Benefits

  • Use of the Consortium’s student information system (the SSeS) that drives student registration, monitoring and reporting in online courses offered by member Boards
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness derived from the sharing of online learning policies, procedures, guidelines, processes, approaches, resources, and tools

Online Learning Program Benefits

  • Ability to acquire sufficient enrollment to run online learning courses by having access to out-of-board students
  • Increased understanding of online learning and the legislation, policies, and procedures that drive it Provincially
  • Increased understanding of effective online programming and practice
  • Sharing and co-development of quality-assured, effective, and engaging online courses and content

Financial Benefits

  • Sharing of students free of cost negates the course fee expense charged with students taking online courses outside of their Board
  • Provision of student information system (the SSeS, included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of training and professional development (included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of technical support services (included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of Coordinator support services (included in cost of membership)
  • Acquisition of supports, resources, and tools developed by other Consortium boards

Shared Voice

  • As a collective of Boards, the Consortium possesses a strong voice when articulating shared perspective with those who influence policy Provincially

Participation Nationally and Internationally

  • As a member of iNACOL (North American Council for Online Learning) and CaneLearn (the Canadian eLearning Network), the Consortium is advantaged by a more global perspective on  effective online learning programming and practices