Upper Canada DSB Vignette Appears in State of the Nation: K-12 Online Learning in Canada

The vignette provides a testimony to the effectiveness of the consortium as the UCDSB has tripled their e-learning offerings and expanded to offer a Continuing Education program as well. They did this while addressing geographical and technological challenges. By joining the consortium, the UCDSB not only expanded its course offerings, but improved networking, collaboration, and professional learning opportunities for teachers.

Student Programming Benefits

  • Increased course options for students, offered through both in-Board and Out-of-Board online learning programs
  • Increased ability to align student course sections with their specific pathway, destination, and post-secondary and/or career planning

Student Success Benefits

  • Potential increase in credit completion

Student Learning Benefits

  • Acquisition of 21st Century skills
  • Experience and skills associated with online learning and Learning Management Systems that will better prepare them for success in post-secondary and/or the world of work

Staff Benefits

  • Professional development
  • Supports for teachers, consultants, coordinators, administrators, and administrative assistants
  • Sharing of best practices, resources, and tools
  • Networking and collaboration with individuals in similar portfolios throughout member Boards
  • Access to some of the most innovative online learning practitioners in the Province

Operational Benefits

  • Use of the Consortium’s student information system (the SSeS) that drives student registration, monitoring and reporting in online courses offered by member Boards
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness derived from the sharing of online learning policies, procedures, guidelines, processes, approaches, resources, and tools

Online Learning Program Benefits

  • Ability to acquire sufficient enrollment to run online learning courses by having access to out-of-board students
  • Increased understanding of online learning and the legislation, policies, and procedures that drive it Provincially
  • Increased understanding of effective online programming and practice
  • Sharing and co-development of quality-assured, effective, and engaging online courses and content

Financial Benefits

  • Sharing of students free of cost negates the course fee expense charged with students taking online courses outside of their Board
  • Provision of student information system (the SSeS, included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of training and professional development (included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of technical support services (included in cost of membership)
  • Provision of Coordinator support services (included in cost of membership)
  • Acquisition of supports, resources, and tools developed by other Consortium boards

Shared Voice

  • As a collective of Boards, the Consortium possesses a strong voice when articulating shared perspective with those who influence policy Provincially

Participation Nationally and Internationally

  • As a member of iNACOL (North American Council for Online Learning) and CaneLearn (the Canadian eLearning Network), the Consortium is advantaged by a more global perspective on  effective online learning programming and practices



“Being involved with the OELC has led to sharing of ideas and best practices that have helped our boards elearning program thrive and evolve.”

Alistair Macleod
Limestone District School Board

“I feel so supported by the OeLC in my development as an elearning teacher. Whenever I have questions in technology and pedagogy, my community is there to help.”

Luke Durrer
Simcoe County District School Board

eLearning has enriched our board in so many ways – from providing opportunities to access courses which never could have because our board is so small, to enriching teacher professional development in the area of integrating technology in authentic ways into practice. Our thanks from RCDSB!

Alanna Emon
Renfrew County District School Board

In the traditional school setting, my students come to my classroom to learn. eLearning allows me to bring my classroom to my students, meeting them where they are and based on what they need.

Jessica Young
Renfrew County District School Board