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Governance and Operations

OeLC Governance and Operations

The OeLC is made up of two key functional teams Management led by the Executive Director and a Governance team made up of the Board of Directors (described in this document as Members) who appoint an Executive Committee to lead the Consortium.

The Executive Committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, 2 Members at Large, and an Executive Director (Non Voting).

The following Executive Committee positions are each elected from the Membership Group bi-annually at the OeLC Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each holds a vote on the Executive Committee:

  • Chair
  • Vice-chair (presumptive chair for the following year)
  • Secretary
  • 6 Members at Large (Six seats split equally between Catholic and Public members representing 1 each from each designated region.)

The positions of Vice chair is available for election yearly, but limited to the coterminous body of the current Chair. The Secretary and North and Central Member at Large are elected during odd numbered years, while the positions of Members at Large for Western and Toronto/Eastern are elected during even numbered years.

The position of Executive Director is appointed by the Executive Committee as per the OeLC’s Policies and Regulations. The Executive Director does not hold a vote on the Executive Committee.


The Board of Directors is comprised of a single person holding administrator responsibilities from each OeLC Board, as named by their respective Boards. Each Member holds a vote and is permitted to attend the AGM and Special Meetings of the membership.

The Field Operations group is comprised of all OeLC Board staff, as named by their respective Boards, involved with their Board’s eLearning programming.